The firm has a rich history of successful litigation on behalf of the people of Montana.  Over the years, the firm has fought hard to bring justice to people and communities impacted by greed, pollution, and corporate malfeasance.


For 25 years, McGarvey, Heberling, Sullivan & Lacey have been advocating on behalf of those diagnosed with asbestos related disease from exposures in Lincoln County, Montana.  

Prior to W.R. Grace's bankruptcy in 2001, the firm achieved a number of verdicts on behalf of miners and their family members.  Following the bankruptcy, the firm has filed over 2,000 claims against the bankruptcy trust for those diagnosed with asbestosis, asbestos related pleural disease, cancer, and mesothelioma.  

We also pursue claims against entities that helped facilitate W.R. Grace's actions in Libby, such as the State of Montana and the Railroad. The firm pursues claims for work related exposures, such as those exposed to asbestos fibers at the mine, at the lumber mill, or in the woods.  


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In Montana, historic industrial activities across the state have resulted in significant pollution and contamination of land and neighboring communities.  Even today, there are many areas in the state where air, soil and groundwater are impacted by hazardous and toxic substances.    


It is our position that the Montana Constitution provides every citizen the right to a "Clean and Healthful Environment" and the right to have their property restored to its pre-pollution condition.  For decades, our firm has been successfully litigating and resolving cases for private property owners and other interested parties across our beautiful state.  We have extensive experience litigating and resolving cases involving various contaminants impacting our air, soil and water.  We work with environmental sampling and restoration companies, environmental engineers, hydro-geologists, toxicologists and others in the field to ensure that property is restored to its original condition or that land owners are properly compensated for the impact their precious land has incurred.



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