For 25 years, McGarvey, Heberling, Sullivan & Lacey have successfully held insurance companies accountable for improper policies.  

Despite clear law on the duties of insurance companies in Montana, some insurers continue unlawful claim practices, knowing that very few people will recognize their rights or be willing to litigate to secure their rights. 


The effective remedies for such unlawful claim conduct are actions for "bad faith" breach of claim settlement practice duties, and class actions that hold insurance companies accountable for improper programmatic policies.


MHSL has a long history of successfully litigating such claims, including:

  • Ferguson vs. Safeco, a class action case addressing subrogation practices in Montana; and

  • Robinson v. State Farm, in which  a $9,500,000 verdict was reached for bad faith denial of medical benefits in auto insurance policy.

People pay for liability insurance to have protection from claims against them. Often insurance companies will wrongfully deny coverage, fail to defend their customer when a lawsuit is brought, or attempt to improperly deny the amount of the coverage that was paid for.


MHSL has successfully held insurance companies accountable by securing millions of dollars in insurance coverage that was wrongfully withheld.


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