WR Grace Asbestos Trust

A personal injury trust was set up as part of the Grace bankruptcy proceedings to handle personal injury claims.

If you have been diagnosed with an asbestos related disease, contact our staff to find out more.

Because of the bankruptcy tolling, some claims against the Grace Trust expired on February 25, 2018 for folks diagnosed with Libby asbestos-related disease prior to Feb. 25, 2015. However, there are always exceptions, and an attorney needs to advise you on your potential claims.

If you have been diagnosed more recently than Feb. 25, 2015, you likely have three years to file a claim with the Trust.  The statute of limitations applicable to your claim must be reviewed by a legal professional.  

Contact our staff to evaluate the specifics of your case.


Vigilance is required.  Some people who have been diagnosed do not have any significant pulmonary impairment. This is primarily because of CARD’s early detection of disease.  They may have been diagnosed with a disease but it isn’t impacting their life in any significant way.


The consequence of not filing a timely claim is that if someone does end up progressing in the future, and they have been diagnosed with a disease more than three years ago, they will probably have no recompense against any entity, including the primary culprit.  (There are always exceptions.)


If you are a client of the McGarvey, Heberling, Sullivan & Lacey law firm, a claim already has been filed on your behalf. The firm has filed 2,200 claims to date that relate to Libby asbestos exposure.


If you are uncertain whether you are a client, please contact our staff.


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