McGarvey, Heberling, Sullivan & Lacey advocates on behalf of property owners and Montana communities to ensure our fundamental right to a Clean and Healthful Environment.  

Montana Constitution - Article 2, Section 3.
Inalienable rights. 


All persons are born free and have certain inalienable rights. They include the right to a clean and healthful environment .... In enjoying these rights, all persons recognize corresponding responsibilities.

In Montana, historic industrial activities across the state have resulted in significant pollution and contamination of land and neighboring communities.  Even today, there are many areas in the state where air, soil and groundwater are impacted by hazardous and toxic substances.    


It is our position that the Montana Constitution provides every citizen the right to a "Clean and Healthful Environment" and the right to have their property restored to its pre-pollution condition.  


For decades, our firm has been successfully litigating and resolving cases for private property owners and other interested parties across our beautiful state.  We have extensive experience litigating and resolving cases involving various contaminants impacting our air, soil and water. 


We work with environmental sampling and restoration companies, environmental engineers, hydro-geologists, toxicologists and others in the field to ensure that property is restored to its original condition or that land owners are properly compensated for the impact their precious land has incurred.


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