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About Our Firm

McGarvey Law’s roots trace to 1975 when Jon Heberling joined Dale McGarvey’s practice. In 1986 Roger Sullivan and Allan McGarvey joined as partners to create one of Montana’s premier firms dedicated to protecting the values and land of Montanans.

Our Team

With over 30 years of hard-earned victories, our team has the experience and grit to take on any opponent, no matter the size or complexity of the case.

“It is a rare breed of lawyers who can handle very complex cases, and the litigation of the size that this firm has handled through the years is remarkable. There are probably six law firms in Montana that are plaintiffs’ law firms that can sue corporations and have the capabilities and effectiveness these guys have, and that’s out of 3,300 lawyers in the state.”

—Greg Munro, former UM School of Law Professor

“Roger’s years of experience in trial law have been instrumental in shaping Montana’s environment, yet he and his colleagues remain accessible and responsive to client needs. They ensured we understood the application of case-specific laws and the investment of time required to pursue a lawsuit of this kind. The firm was conscientious and responsible in its allocation of its time, controlling legal fees well.”

—Tammi Lynne Smith, Great Falls